WW2 Chinese General’s Sword -Beiyang Army -Qing Dynasty/Antique/China/RARE Saber

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1 exceedingly rare Chinese General's sword. This rare piece would make an important addition to any premium collection.

This sword was carried by a General in the Chinese Beiyang Army. Note the backstrap decorations which denote the Beiyang Army of China. This sword would have been carried as early as 1895 A.D., and as late as the end of World War 2.

This sword was made in Japan for a Chinese General. Note the fine detail and craftsmanship unique to the Japanese. The handle has fine horimono hand-carving--and intricate nanako-type stipling on the backstrap made up of literally thousands of individually made textured tool marks. I strongly recommend you take a close look at the detail.

This sword has a cutting edge of 24 15/16" (63.3 cm) as measured from the blade tip to the bottom of the notch in the habaki. The blade has a genuine tempered edge. The temper line is suguha (straight).

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This sword is in fine condition. The temper line is visible under the right lighting--guaranteed. The handle wrap has one small portion worn/chipped off. The original handle wire is almost complete--with 6 of the 11 revolutions with all three strands of wire, and 5 times around with two strands. This offering represents the rare opportunity to purchase an original ca.1895-WW2 Chinese Beiyang Army General's Sword.


20th century



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