About us

A few words about the collectible-antiques.com marketplace:

My name is Aleksei Kuzmin.  For 16 years now I have traveled all over the world (France, Belgium, the UK, Finland, Norway, Germany, Hong Kong, the United States, etc.) to shows, fairs, and shops in search of antique collectibles to offer to my customers.  My fellow dealers and I have noticed that the market has been changing over the past 3-5 years.  In some ways it has changed for the better, and in some ways it has become less predictable.  Fees on sites like eBay have steadily increased.  These fees must get passed along to the customer, i.e. as the cost of doing business increases so do the asking prices of antiques.  

I decided to create the  collectible-antiques.com marketplace to allow antique dealers to list their items for sale without paying fees on every sale like they have to on every other site.  These fees range from 10% on up.  On collectible-antiques.com, dealers pay only an annual fee–one time per year.  Then, all of their sales-no matter the volume, from 5 sales to 5,000 sales–take place with no fee.

Sellers will communicate directly with buyers in their own languages with the help of automatic translations.  This is a new platform, so as participating dealers I invite you to contact me directly with improvement suggestions, any problems you may run into.  I will work with you on anything you need.  

For many, starting your own website is a complicated (and often expensive) process.  And those with a website know that if you don’t post new items every week, or even daily, that your website can stagnate.  Visitor traffic to your site can steadily drop off and you lose customers–often for good.  On collectible-antiques.com, dealers will be listing new items everyday.  When new items are listed daily, collectors and dealers will visit everyday.  

Feel free to contact me here with any questions you have.  I look forward to speaking with you.  

Enjoy buying (and listing) on collectible-antiques.com!