RARE 9-Point 1st Model MH COLE WWII Knuckle Knife -Howard/M H/WW2 Collection

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Very rare M.H. Cole 9-point WW2 knuckle knife available. This Howard Cole knife has exceptional provenance. This knife would make an important addition to any collection.

This is the exact knife described and pictured in Bill Walter’s U.S. AND ALLIED MILITARY KNIVES WORLD WAR II pages 30-32. This knife is Knife 3 in the book. Howard made about 300 knives between 1942-1944. He made about 50 of this earliest first pattern 9-point knuckle knife. The later knives were 8-point knives.

The knife offered here is the only one known with finger grooves cut in the grip. The wood handle scales are sound, anchored by brass screws inset in lead. The blade measures 8".

This knife comes with Roger Ballard's highly collectible, hand drawn ID card for this knife. Roger notes on the back of the ID card that he got this knife from Larry Thomas. Roger, Larry, and Bill Walters all were buddies who collected World War 2 knives.



This 9-point Cole WW2 knuckle is in exceptional condition. The blade is cleaned and highly polished w/light pinprick pitting. The 9-point guard is polished. The wood handle scales are excellent. The sheath is excellent as well. St. Croix Blades is a dealer of knives of all kinds--and of antique Japanese Samurai swords. St. Croix Blades is located in the United States. Visit our website


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