LARGE Japanese WW2 MIKASA BATTLESHIP Naval Dirk -Toshihide Dagger -Hideaki

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1 large Japanese World War 2 Mikasa Battleship Naval dirk available. This Japanese dirk would make a rare addition to any collection.

First note that this Mikasa Naval dirk is oversized (see photo comparing this dirk to an early 1st variation Naval dirk). The forged 9 5/16" blade has kanji horimono reading 'The Fate of the Empire is decided by this Battle'.

The mei on the nakago reads (beneath heavy rust) 'Mikasa Gun Steel Hideaki'. Hideaki also went by the art name Toshihide. Horii Toshihide (Horii Hideaki) is rated very high in Slough's book--2.8 Million Yen. Toshihide earned Special Honor Noted Seat--Sword Forging Teacher at the 1941 Exhibition.

The ura-mei (reverse side mei) is the date this dirk was forged.

Note that in addition to this dirk's large size (17 3/8"), this dirk has premium polished same (rayskin) as opposed to sharkskin. Uncommon for a Japanese Naval dirk.

Also see the image from Ohmura's study site



This blade on this rare WW2 Mikasa Battleship Naval dirk had rusted, so was polished. That is why the kanji blade horimono are shallow now. This Mikasa Battleship dirk's mounts are in exceptional condition. This rare Naval dirk displays beautifully! (If paying via credit card or PayPal, 4% credit card fee/PayPal fee added to the purchase price).


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