Japanese WW II Model 1883 Naval Kyu-Gunto Samurai Katana -Old/Antique Navy WW2

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1 difficult to find Japanese model 1883 Naval Kyu-Gunto Samurai Officer's sword. This rare Imperial Japanese Navy Officer's katana would make an important addition to any collection. A sword in model 1883 Naval Kyu-Gunto sword mounts is rare.

Of Kyu-Gunto mounted swords--just 1 in 40, or 1 in 50 is in Naval mounts--all others are Army. A sword like this does not come on the market very often.

A photo from a reference book of a Japanese Naval Officer posing with this type of sword is provided in this listing. This photo is from Jim Dawson's book Swords of Imperial Japan 1868-1945 -- Cyclopedia Edition.

This sword has a Silver Samurai family mon on its backstrap. The mon is from the Asaka and Tamura Samurai clans.

This sword has an arsenal naval blade. The nakago/tang is unsigned. The blade measures 26 7/8” from blade tip to notch in the blade spine. This sword has a sharkskin-covered saya. All fittings are gilted in gold.

The original Japanese Naval Officer’s name is carved into the guard—this is very uncommon, and is super cool.



The blade is perfectly straight. The blade has staining, and corrosion. The corrosion is mostly at the tip, so this area of the blade would need more attention to remove the corrosion—after removal it is unlikely to have any deep pitting. It looks like it is confined to the blade surface. The blade would benefit from a polish some day. There are no nicks in the blade. The handle is missing some of its strands of wire. There is a small saya/scabbard fitting missing from the throat—but fortunately with this type of Naval mount, the fold-down guard still latches—functioning as it should. In fact, unless a collector looks up this sword model in a reference book, the collector would not notice that this 1/4” width decorative fitting is missing.


19th century



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